Client’s Choice Advertising

Who needs creativity when you already know what the client wants?


Seriously, please:

just tell us what you want


We get it. You need what you need, and only you know what that is because you are just so great. That’s why our all-new Package™ Model® of advertising makes it easy for all of us. Just pick from one of our carefully curated packages to let us know what you want — what you really, really, want — so we can just give it to you. No creativity or craft required.

We Teamwork For You


Meet a newer,
more brutally blunt kind of advertising

A new world calls for a new advertising model.

In this day and age, why should you have to deal with “creative” agencies who spend their weeks and weekends just to strategize, brainstorm, and create amazing work when that isn’t even what you want?

Now you don’t have to.

Introducing our patented* Package™ Model® Advertising Model.


*patent pending



“Good” things come in all packages

Each one of our four fantastic Packages™ was painstakingly designed by our experts, then hastily redesigned after being excessively focus grouped by clients from various industries.

Because THAT’S how you get good work.


Burn out package

Because the more work killed the better it will eventually be.

Pucker up Package

Because hearing that you are smart is better than having to be smart.

be brave package

Because “playing it safe” is more fun with a false sense of danger.

Play nice package

Because every side of every part of every business deserves its own agency.

Relatively Happy Customers

I told them what to do. I gave them money. They did it. I was pleased with our interaction.
— Clint CLientson, Head client
I love how they agree with all my ideas. That must mean I am smart. Maybe Mother was right, and I was her special little genius man.
— guy who "get's it"
Mauris pulvinar tristique blandit. Morbi posuere, diam sit amet tincidunt eleifend, est velit ultricies lorem, nec mollis dui odio eu erat.
— Lauren Ipsum
Yeah I came here for breakfast. There was a line and then they said they didn’t serve breakfast because they are the future of advertising, not a restaurant. 3.5 stars.
— Yelp Reviewer: Breakfast Bob